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Broque helps you track your personal finances, and tells you exactly how broke (or hopefully well off) you are.

Allows to track your individual expenses and income, and multiple wallets/ accounts and currencies. Provides statistics and charts based on your input to give you a more accurate representation of your finances. Track goals and budgets, and more to come.

No account needed, and no premium features behind a subscription. The app is ad supported. All data is on your phone, with the ability to back it up to a file or cloud.

This app doesn't try to be smart and leaves the finances to you, to track as you see fit. If you're the type of person who tracks their finances in sheets or notepads, or needs to track multiple cards and services this might be the app for you.

Broqué - A high-class; sassy; elegant; classy; "FRENCHY" term of being BROKE (No cash or money)

Urban Dictionary

Don't be broke, be Broque.

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We continually update the app and have more planned features.

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