Broque can help you track your goals. Whether they’re financial or otherwise.


Start off with defining a new goal in the Goals page available from the main drawer menu.

  • Give the goal a name, and you can also define its icon and color by tapping the icon next to the name input.
  • Start date is set to the day you’re defining the goal, but you can move it into the past if you want an earlier start date for this goals. Keep in mind the daily average is calculated from the start of the goal.
  • Target date is optional and gives your goal a deadline, or a due date, or a time limit. This is used to determine if you’ll be able to reach the goal by the given target date based on daily average of your contributions towards this goal.
  • Progress to date goal will make a goal type that does not deal with amounts, it just shows progress towards a target date. You can use this to track time towards a date. This type of goal must have a start and end date.
  • Start amount The amount you have already set aside for this goal.
  • Target amount The amount you intend to save up with this goal. If you leave this 0 or empty, the goal has no fixed amount set and is open ended. Your savings and daily average will be shown, but progress cannot be determined.

Goal contributions

To contribute towards a goal, you can add a Goal contribution transaction by using the ... Other button in category picker and choosing Goal contribution.

Non-financial goals

You can also track non-financial goals since the values are abstract and do not affect your balance or statistics. For these kinds of goals, a currency should not be set.

Progress to date goal

Progress to date goals show a progress to a date. They’re helpful to track time till a goal, e.g. your pay day or a deadline. These types of goals are shown on the main overview page, in the info tab.


A goal can have a currency set to track its total contribution amount in that currency. This is usually set to your primary currency when the goal is created.

  • Goal value will be shown in the set currency, but you can add contributions in any currency.
  • Different currencies will be converted via exchange rates to show the total contribution in the selected currency.
  • You can view a list of contributions in different currencies with the Currencies list option.
  • For non-financial goals, do not set a currency (tap the X button next to currency selection to remove it).