Broque can help you track your debts (you owe) and loans (you're owed).

In general, the app calls debts those finances you owe, while loans are the finances you loaned to someone. While you can have a personal loan as a debt, the app makes a distinction with a you owe and you're owed texts where applicable to make clear what is what.


When entering a new transaction, use the debt button from the more options row on the bottom of the transaction editor. Then find the wanted debt/loan and pick it to associate that transaction with the debt/loan.

Tracking amounts

Debts/loans track values through transactions.

  • If you have a debt and you create an income transaction associated with that debt, it’s assumed you’re loaning money from somewhere and your debt it increased. Oppositely, an expense transaction associated with the debt will assume you’re paying off that debt.
  • If you have a loan and you create an expense transaction associated with that loan, it’s assumed you’re loaning money to somewhere and the loan (you’re owed) amount is increased. Oppositely, an income transaction associated with the loan will mean you’re being given back an amount.

If you set a fixed total amount (total owed or total loaned), then that amount is used as the total regardless of what is entered through transactions. This is useful where the total amount is known, e.g. in cases of debts or loans that existed before you started tracking finances with the app.


Debts paid off with installments need to have a start date, and number of installments.

It’s assumed you’re paying off installments on a date next month from the start of the debt. In any case, you can always add installment transactions manually if the timeline for installments is different (e.g. weekly). You can also create scheduled transactions with the timing that suits you.

You can set a template for installment transactions with the required amount. A future version of the app will add these automatically instead of requiring you to create a scheduled transaction.

Start date

Start date is purely informative for some types of debts/loans, but is required for installments to show the installment plan properly.


You can associate a contact with this debt/loan. It can be a person, or bank. Go to settings to add more contacts.