Number input

Broque uses your selected language or system settings for number input. Your language may use something else than . for decimal separator. An option will be provided in a future update to always use ‘.’ decimal separator.


Categories are used for general grouping of transactions. Anything that goes together. e.g. Groceries cover most of your grocery shopping, while Clothes & Shoes cover the clothing/shoes aspect.

You can add more categories and remove existing ones. It’s up to you if you want Clothes & Shoes as separate Clothes and Shoes categories. Categories are distinct, but should not be too specific.

For specifics, you can use tags.


Tags are used to put your transactions into more specific groups, or to give them more details. You can consider them as keywords.

As an example, you can set a bakery tag for your Food & Drink transactions so you know how much you spend in bakeries, or McDs to know how much you spend in McDonalds.

Your transactions with the Car category can have tags that tell if you bought supplies, parts, did service on your car or paid to wash it.

Whatever you do often with that category you can tag it.

As with categories, it’s up to you how specific you want to be. You can also create tags for different cars like golf and rav4. Or locations such as ny, and philly.

Tag specific cafes you go to regularly like starbucks or dunkin. Or kiosk when you buy things at a kiosk. If you pay bills, you can tag what the bill was for, e.g. electricity, internet or add along a more specific company name comcast internet.

  • You can add as many tags as you like.
  • Tags are space separated, which means you cannot have a space in their name. Usually you want them to be short for convenience.
  • You can use same tags for different categories.
  • Tags can help you search for things later and group into specific categories.

Transaction types

Transactions can have different type. With the usual income and expense, you can also use the following:

  • Transfer
    • When you need to transfer between your accounts.
  • Currency Conversion
    • If you need to convert from one currency to another.
  • Goal Contribution
    • Set aside some finances for a goal (or any arbitrary value).
  • Liability
    • Mark some of your finances as liability. e.g. Taxes.
  • Balance Correction
    • Make a small correction to your balance