What are categories?

Categories are general areas of expense/income and you can group your transactions into these categories. E.g. Entertainment category could cover streaming services, games or such.

What are tags?

Tags help you differentiate transactions in the same category. A tag can be a location, a name of restaurant, a group (e.g. maintenance, supplies, wash for the Cars category).

Whatever makes sense for your use cases. These will allow you to narrow down transaction groups in search, and to be able to see statistics per tag.

They are space separated, so you cannot have spaces in tag names.

What is the final amount in a transaction?

Final amounts are always in your local currency. If you're paying in a foreign currency which is converted to your local currency, e.g. via a online card purchase. The original amount is in the original currency, with the final amount being the value converted to your local currency.

If the transaction is not converted to your local currency, then leave the final amount as 0. This means that you're paying or receiving value in that currency.

How do I do currency conversion?

You can use the Currency Conversion transaction type, by picking it under other categories.

Automatic currency conversion to local currency

If you want the app to automatically convert to the final amount, you can enter an exchange rate in the currency settings.
For now, conversions between different currencies is not supported. Eventually there may be support for currency exchange rate updates.

Transfering between accounts

You can use the Transfer transaction type, by picking it under other categories. And then pick from and to accounts you wish to make transfer between.

How do I backup to a cloud service not directly supported in the app?

You can export to a file as usual, then backup to that service via the cloud app for that service.