Current Features

  • Track transactions with unlimited categories and tags
  • Multiple accounts/wallets
  • Multiple currencies with currency conversion
  • Budgets and goals
  • Debt/loan tracking
  • Shopping lists
  • Statistics views per week, month, year, global and more
  • Search transactions history
  • Liability transactions to track your different liabilities (e.g. Taxes)
  • Backup to file or Google Drive
  • Keep your loyalty cards in app
  • Notes, fuel calculator, qr/barcode scanner, and more …

No account or subscription required, all features available for free

Planned Features

  • Subscriptions/Bill and other reminders
  • Locations tagging for transactions
  • Improved statistics
  • Contacts linked to your phone contacts
  • Automatic backups and daily reminders for iOS
  • Export to CSV and possibly other formats, so you can import your data into Google Sheets, Excel …

And many more improvements and features


  • Screenshots may not represent the app identically as we continuously update the app.