Do I need an account?

No. You can backup your data to a file on your phone or cloud services. You can also set automatic backup so your data is backed up each day or week. For now only Google Drive is supported for automated backups.

iCloud automated backups are planned.

Can you see my data

Absolutely not, since this app does not have any server or infrastructure running. We do collect some anonymised analytics as part of Google Firebase/Analytics.

Please do ensure you backup your data regularly.

Take a look at our privacy policy.

What about sharing accounts/information with someone else?

Since there is no server/cloud infrastructure, it’s not possible to implement this as the app is intended to run on your phone only.

What about integrating with a bank app?

This is not a feature we can support, due to complexity. And as the app is supposed to be simple(r).

Can I remove ads?

For now, only watching rewarded ads in settings allows to remove banner ads for a week.