Broque 2.0.0


• Budgets and goals are now available, and will be improved/expanded in the future
• Reworked currency handling, so you can see balances and stats for all your currencies
• Currency conversion transactions are now available
• Quick menu is now a drawer with account/currency and other options available


Fix: Initial setup screen had a few glitches which are now fixed
Fix: App state now refreshes in certain instances where it did not
Fix: Update icons/titles on certain pages
Fix: Toggling note checkboxes now works as expected
Fix: Input now works as expected for your local number format


• Searches are available in currency lists
• Long hold on a day header now shows a menu with option to add a transaction for that day
• Long hold on transaction now shows a menu with option to delete that transaction
• More built-in currencies
• Changing primary/local currency is now handled better
• Some visual polishes
• Some internal changes to support future features
• Fixes, optimizations and improvements