Broque 1.5.0


• Automatic backups to google drive and downloads folder
• Option to add a scheduled transaction immediately
• Added/modified transactions are now highlighted
• Transactions page button now scrolls to top if already viewing transactions
• Google Drive backup now starts upload faster if you're already logged in
• Google Drive last backup information is shown on the import/export page
• Disabled settings options are now better shown as disabled
• Notes can now have checkboxes
• Notification when a new version is available
• Some minor visual polishes/improvements
• A better way to pick global overview time range (and to support further time range improvements)
• You can set a default expense/income transaction to be used by default in the transaction editor
• Search statistics header can now be collapsed/expanded


Fix: Some fixes for reverting transaction time
Fix: Search results will update when a transaction is deleted
Fix: Transactions view now properly switches to month of last added/modified transaction
Fix: Notes now properly focus/unfocus when you tap on/outside of them
Fix: Account picker now only shows valid accounts


• Upgraded Flutter version to 2.8.0
• Fixes, optimizations and improvements