Broque 1.4.0

This is a big update with lots of changes, but most important is support for multiple accounts.


• Multiple accounts support with transfer transactions between accounts
• Income/expense chart can now toggle income/expense/both
• Progress dialogs are now shown for operations that take long (and hopefully it'll never take long)
• Transaction editor amount input is larger, and in the same color as the transaction type (expense/income/transfer)


Fix: Some fixes for import and data reset
Fix: Padding in statistics header was off
Fix: Typos in some text
Fix: Some theme handling
Fix: Don't break on transactions with non-local currency when computing category statistics
Fix: Transaction editor will not allow negative values
Fix: Disallow changing options if they're disabled
Fix: Some padding issues
Fix: Warn if renaming a tag to a name used by another tag
Fix: Tags list will be properly updated after removing a tag
Fix: Prevent duplicate tags input in some cases for tags input
Fix: Search tags are now properly stored
Fix: Adding a scheduled transaction now switches to the scheduled transactions view


• Fixes, optimizations and improvements