Broque 1.0.4

This is a big one.


• Improved loading screen matches app colors
• New: Income/Expense line chart is now shown for last 7 days, current week, month and year
• Tags can have an associated category set, which is automatically set in the transaction editor when that tag is used
• Currencies can have an exchange rate towards the local currency set, so that final amount conversion may be done automatically
• A notification is shown when a deleted transaction is restored
• Transaction editor now has a "copy as new" option
• Transaction editor indicates if currently adding or editing a transaction


Fix: Tags list is refreshed in search after viewing list of transactions
Fix: Transactions list now properly switches to scheduled view and back if relevant transaction is added/edited
Fix: Scheduled transactions are added on the proper day, even if skipped opening the app for those days
Fix: Transactions view should not be affected by editing transactions elsewhere
Fix: New note shortcut creates a new note and focuses it
Fix: Undo transaction delete option in advanced options no longer pops up the delete notification, but immediately undeletes
Fix: Format locale now affects more places in app properly


• Some UI polishing and improvements
• Fixes, optimizations and improvements